Eazy Pod

Eazy Pod

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The Eazy Pod featuring Evolution Aqua's new solids removal system utilising static Kaldnes.It is by using this process that Evolution Aqua have been able to achieve The Eazy Pod with an even smaller footprint. For the user who wants the ultimate performance, the Eazy Pod is the right choice for you!

The Eazy Pod is a low priced, smaller version of the Nexus eazy , the world's number-one professional koi filtration system. The all new Eazy Pod is a complete filter system for koi ponds up to 2,000 gallons or garden ponds up to 4,000 gallons. The Eazy Pod is the complete mechanical and biological filter system!

  • The Eazy Pod is a complete filter system for smaller ponds with unparalleled results
  • The Eazy Pod is very eazy to install and operate
  • The Eazy Pod has a small footprint and stands only 23 inches tall
  • The Eazy Pod utilises proven Eazy 200 & Kaldnes technology
  • The Eazy Pod gives incredibly clear water
  • The Eazy Pod has a Quick and eazy cleaning cycle with no wet or dirty hands

The Eazy Pod is also an excellent filter selection for quarantine systems, as a pre-filter, for use on skimmer lines, for adding additional biological capacity, or as a polishing unit at the end of your filtration line.

The Eazy Pod consists of a primary settlement vortex where in which Kaldnes is retained in a stainless steel basket before entering the biological stage, which consists of the Kaldnes Moving Bed™ Process. The Eazy Pod also comes with a compact lid as standard.

The Kaldnes is retained in a stainless steel basket in the centre of the Eazy Pod and has been proven to trap incredibly small particles of waste. Cleaning the Kaldnes is a simple matter of turning on the air tap to the settlement area thus agitating it and causing the waste matter to be dislodged from the media so it can be drained to waste.

Eazy Pod (with free Pure Pond 1 ltr worth £18.95)
£ 425.00